The coolest
way to putt

Designed and milled in Italy


Black Edition


Unique design

Attention to detail and workmanship that make the Putter unique.
Attention to aesthetics and technique give an enormous sense of confidence.

You’ve hit the greens, the tension drops and it’s time to focus on the shots that really matter and can change your score for the better…
You pull your RP – 01 Frame out of the bag knowing that already to the
eye it appeals to you, it’s beautiful and technical at the same time, it gives you a sense of confidence and, you’re sure it won’t betray you.
The design is fluid, everything seems to flow from the ball to your hands and vice versa, which gives a precise feel with a moderately metallic sound. As you take you stance over the ball, no distractions, Few but clear references for a perfect line of play.
The billet aluminum frame is anodized to protect it and to avoid annoying reflections. It‘s a sculpture with an embedded insert in a different material, which renders it a jewel.
This is RP-01 Frame